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  • Press Release: Point of Sale Careers Website Refresh

    Point of Sales Careers, the Premier Career Resource Hub for Retail and Hospitality Technology Professionals, Announces New Website DATELINE, Jan. 8, 2013 — Point of Sale Careers, the premier career site for retail and hospitality technology professionals, ispleased to announce the re-launch of its new website: Changing consumer needs and the emergence of multiple Read more…

  • Education Options for Retail and Hospitality Technology Professionals

    Education Options for Retail and Hospitality Technology Professionals The continuing improvements to consumer technology and the increasing take-up and usage of these new technologies by customers and guests, combined with the shorter life cycles of new technologies, creates significant challenges for retail and hospitality technology professionals. Retail and hospitality leaders will be looking to embrace Read more…

  • Maximize Sales By Getting Inventory Levels Ready For The Holiday Season

    inventory level By Brandon Levey, CEO of Stitch Labs

    The first step in preparing for the holidays is to make sure you've optimized your inventory availability. With the surge of increased sales, it’s important you are ready to support the demand. Not sure where to start? Don't worry! We’ll walk you through everything you need to make sure you’re ready.

    Centralize Your Inventory
    How many times have you had to check and re-check inventory stock quantities? And exactly how confident are you in the information you’ve documented? When you manually track inventory ...

  • Shoprunner Enhances VIP Offerings for Global Retail Brands

    San Mateo, Calif.—October 7, 2015—ShopRunner, the members-only service for online shoppers, today announced that several global retailers and brands are enhancing their VIP e-commerce services and online customer benefits in advance of the 2015 Holiday season. Through new partnerships with ShopRunner, coveted fashion, beauty, and gifts brands are elevating their shopping experience for online customers.

    “As digital and mobile commerce accelerate this holiday season, ShopRunner is partnering with brands and retailers to strategically ramp up their e-commerce services and ensure their online experience is more accessible, engaging, and competitive,” said Scott Thompson, CEO of ShopRunner. “We are very pleased to add ...

  • National Merchants lead the way in NOT using EMV

    Since October 1st, while I’ve been running around town, I’ve been trying to use my cards with a chip so I could see how smoothly EMV is working.  But, while I am seeing a ton of EMV equipment, the merchants are still swiping the magnetic stripe and where it up to the customer to use the card, I am being told that the chip reader “has not been turned on yet”.  
    Where have I shopped? 
    Whole Foods - has chip and pin equipment,  not turned on
    Publix Supermarkets - has chip and ...